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The Incredible Riolu Girl Cover by Cherabby The Incredible Riolu Girl Cover :iconcherabby:Cherabby 3 1
Life's Light
   - "Watch out!"
   “Got it!” Serena ducked, just narrowly missing the blackish shape that had gone hurtling over her head - instead of hitting her, it smashed into the ground and dissolved into the surrounding shadows.
   Damn. Now it could sneak up on them from anywhere. She’d have to flush it out before she got ambushed - better make this as quick as possible. Raising her arm skyward, her voice rang out as clear as a bell:
   She brought her arm down towards the wall before her. From where it shone between Lumiose’s barricade of buildings, the moon’s light seemed to bend around her. Cold, white light flooded the alley, erasing any trace of shadows. Then came the sound of hissing from behind her. Got you now, sucker!
   At her back, not only had the shape had detached itself from the shadows - apparently, it went through a growth spurt as
:iconcherabby:Cherabby 2 3
Smooch by Cherabby Smooch :iconcherabby:Cherabby 4 7 Doodle Dump: Snapchat Crack by Cherabby Doodle Dump: Snapchat Crack :iconcherabby:Cherabby 4 3 Art Dump: Kris Edition by Cherabby Art Dump: Kris Edition :iconcherabby:Cherabby 3 3
a light in the darkness
I'll see you in the future when we're older
And we are full of stories to be told
They were just children -
bright eyed, looking for adventure,
friends until the end of time, they said -
when the world began to fall apart.
A boy as bright as a star,
who wanted only to shine like one.
A girl like the moon -
quiet, whose light brought hope.
Only one of them saw the dark around them.
Just like the moon,
she tried to light the night
all on her own.
But the moon doesn't make the night go away.
Just as she couldn't fight the growing darkness.
She knows she failed as the world falls apart -
no more night or day, nor sun and moon,
and the star that kept her company all night long
is nowhere to be found.
She fought alone,
and in the end,
she is alone.
Just like the moon sets and rises,
as galaxies around her unraveled,
instead of falling apart, the universe fought -
time gave the moon her chance
to try and light the darkness again.
The stars, on the oth
:iconcherabby:Cherabby 3 10
Lyra Red Riding Hood [WIP] by Cherabby Lyra Red Riding Hood [WIP] :iconcherabby:Cherabby 1 0 Partners by Cherabby Partners :iconcherabby:Cherabby 3 0 Art Dump by Cherabby Art Dump :iconcherabby:Cherabby 1 3 I Burn [WIP] by Cherabby I Burn [WIP] :iconcherabby:Cherabby 4 6 birb by Cherabby birb :iconcherabby:Cherabby 4 2
Helping Hand
“Hey! Where do you think you’re going? I saw that!”
Silver didn’t get a chance to turn before someone seized him by the shoulder and spun him around. A second ago he’d been walking along through Violet City - now, suddenly he was standing face-to-face with a very peeved looking girl. His mouth twisted into a scowl as he shoved her arm away. Funny - there was something familiar about this girl. He could almost swear he recognized her from somewhere.
“What the hell is your problem?”
 “My ‘problem’ is that you’re a lying asshole!” Ah, that’s it. Something clicked and it struck him where he’d seen her before.
 “You’re that chick from the lab.”  
 Granted, it had only been twice, but she’d definitely left... an impression. The first time around she’d tried fighting him off when he broke in to steal his totodile -
:iconcherabby:Cherabby 3 2
Art Dump by Cherabby Art Dump :iconcherabby:Cherabby 2 0 A Song For The Sea by Cherabby A Song For The Sea :iconcherabby:Cherabby 2 0 Pokemon Emblem [WIP] by Cherabby Pokemon Emblem [WIP] :iconcherabby:Cherabby 4 2 Confession by Cherabby Confession :iconcherabby:Cherabby 2 0
After a bit of mulling it over, I've decided to remake my DA
It's just sort of that being on this account kind of bums me out
I don't have any particular reason why I guess so I can't really explain
It's just disorganized and feels so irrelevant and it's kind of a downer 

This account will be kept around but I won't be particularly active on it - basically I'll upload art here from time to time, while the new blog will strictly be writing. 
A handful of my deviations will be deleted here and reposted over time. The official list:
  • Downfall
  • Rust And Time
  • Separation
  • Your Truth
  • Your Ideal
  • To Redeem
  • Apologizing For Dummies
  • Strength and Fear
  • Little Steps
  • Lightness
In addition, I'll be taking down Twin Heroes and reposting it chapter by chapter when I finish writing the series. Everything else will be staying on this account until the end of time.
I'll give the username out if you note me or message me on skype, but chances are that the people I rewatch will recognize me pretty fast. 
Thanks for sticking around with me for so long u3u


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Pokemon, Bravely Default, Paranatural, Fire Emblem: Awakening, PMMM, Wadanohara and The Great Blue Sea, etc.
Too lazy to make a full list. Writes a lot of headcanons. Ships things. Lots of things.
My page will never be as pretty as my friends'.

My Tumblr is You're more than welcome to contact me there. Chances are I'll be more responsive.

Shitty art blog:
Shitty fanfic blog:


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