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Stealing this idea from Masq:
update on plans for future seriesI posted this some time ago but since I had the contest, it screwed my whole schedule/plan up so now I decided to change it and things and add a few more series that I have been thinking about writing and added what you won't find on the list is a collab series which I am doing with kiddopolis. Details on that will be released on another journal.
1. Lessons on Taming the Grade A Ass
Pairings: Oldrivialshipping
Chapters: 10
General Plot w/o Spoilers: Fluff. Just plain fluff. The game-wise plot with a few of my personal twists that will show an in-dept look into how Leaf and Green fell in love and got together.
Other Notes: it will kill your heart with fluffiness that is Green-x-Leaf For my friend's birthday gosh it's so late tho forgive me haha
Status: Ongoing . Will update whenever I feel like it. I will be finishing up the series by September 2

Because I need to get my ideas organized anyway

Twin Heroes
  • Plotting is 100% done, I just need to get the writing part finished
  • I'd say I'm roughly 1/4 of the way done, give or take. I've added a few filler chapters here and there which changed how many chapters I'm aiming for but I imagine the count to total around 10 to 12.
The Incredible Riolu Girl
  • Superhero AU Rosa fic. Plotting is about 80% done at this point. Just gotta figure out how to get from point A to point B.
  • "Canon AU" in a sense, based on the superhero portrayed by the b2w2 protag in the pokestar studios "Brycenman" movies. Basically a superhero origin story.
  • It feels like I'm looking at about eight chapters but that might change in the future.
  • New fic, haven't really mentioned it before - It's a comedy/adventure centering on Lyra and Kris as the HG/SS protags. I think it's obvious what the plot will follow.
  • Still in the preplanning stages, so, like, less than 10%. I plan to start writing when Twin Heroes is DONE.
For the time being, I'm not gonna say anything about update schedules. My goal right now is just "write for an hour every day" bare minimum. I'll see where that takes me and decide on updates based on that. Twin Heroes is my first priority as of tonight and I'm determined to crank out the next chapter by the end of the weekend. Wish me luck.



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Pokemon, Bravely Default, Paranatural, Fire Emblem: Awakening, PMMM, Wadanohara and The Great Blue Sea, etc.
Too lazy to make a full list. Writes a lot of headcanons. Ships things. Lots of things.

My Tumblr is You're more than welcome to contact me there. Chances are I'll be more responsive.

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